We eat with our eyes first, so each tiny morsel must be an explosion of flavour and a mini work of art, ‘little bites of heaven’.

Canapes are no longer the entrée to main fare. Instead, different canapes are combined with grazing bowls and served as the mains at your event.

Canape & Grazing Bowl catering is an excellent solution for functions and events with limited seating and also a fantastic way to encourage networking at corporate and social events alike.

Customized to your preference!

One of the most important benefits of canape & bowl catering is the variety they afford. What’s more, it allows you to customize and choose the dishes according to your preferences and dietary requirements. 

Multiple, Seasonal Flavours – In One Bite

Canapes and sharing bowls provide bursts of different flavours, sufficient to transport the foodie to a different realm while always offering seasonal fair! 

Simply choose your  canapes and bowls for effortless, waiter-served entertaining!