For most of us, family comes first. A family nurtures us and supports us. Employees seek organisations that provide work-life balance, recognize the importance of family ties and support their commitments to their families. Therefore, it is important that an organisation creates a culture that is family-friendly.

 Corporate Family days improves work-life balance and helps to establish and reinforce interpersonal relationships, beneficial both for the company and for the individual and his or her family. 

a Corporate Family Day is a beautiful social occasion where colleagues will get to know each other better than in the everyday office routine, creating “horizontal” connections that will spread to all the family units.

In the office there’s a manager and then there is employees; but when children come in, everybody becomes enthusiastic mothers and fathers. Meeting your colleagues family will let us abolish corporate hierarchies for a while without canceling them. It may seem trivial, but seeing each other's humanity will let employees experience the office with less anxiety.

Family-friendly practices go a long way in strengthening interpersonal relations between team members and creating a happier workforce with a high morale. It leads to a positive work environment, higher job satisfaction and improved productivity which are critical for the success of every organisation.