From kohlrabi, parsnip, radish, rutabaga and turnip, here are the
vegetables to look out for this summer.

The sturdy structure of cauliflower is great for grilling and a sponge for absorbing sauce and spice, which makes it the perfect choice for a vegetarian main. 

Unfortunately, to late its been cauliflower curry, cauliflower pops, cauliflower rice, steak, flour and its overexposure has just become too much for our fellow vegetarians. 

Cauliflower is no longer the cop-out dish for vegetarians.

So this summer we are looking at alternative flavors. It's time to grill weird and unpopular root vegetables. 

Kohlrabi, turnip, and rutabaga are relatively cheap just because nobody wants them, yet they are all members of the brassica family with firm bodies that easily absorbs the spices they are cooked in, yet simultaneously remain true to their own distinct textures and flavours. 

Both sweet and bitter, rutabaga is somewhat creamy, whereas kohlrabi is crunchy with a zest. Turnips and parsnips are like nuttier and earthier potatoes. 

Kohlrabi and rutabaga can be baked in an oven, whole and unpeeled until they’re fork tender, sliced and seared off on the grill. 

These grilled root vegetables also creates a smoky puree base for different dishes such steaks.

If diced, makes a lovely addition to the boring old potato salad and puts the life back into tacos.

One ribeye for six people, and piles of different vegetables, all prepared in different sauces and spice mixtures really does the world good!