If you're an event or wedding planner, the caterer you choose for your specific event will be a key partner in its success! 

The quality and effective execution of the catering at a business meeting, conference, wedding reception or any other occasion, can make or break the success of any event.

The event planner understands in detail the type of event planned, its purpose, and its guest list.  

It could be a business meeting, a bring-the-kids company bash, a wedding or a 50th birthday celebration. The guests might expect cocktails or vegan health drinks, a sit-down private dinner, a grazing table or canape food. 

Importantly, the planner also knows the budget constraints when choosing a venue and a catering service that will exceed the clients expectations. 

 A good caterer can create a menu that is elegant but isn't necessarily costly and can also accommodate special menu and dietary requests.  

Your caterer must also be able to offer various food service styles to suit the type of occasion that you are planning, such as canapes for a networking event or a food and wine pairing service for a special birthday celebration. 

Further more, your caterer must be adaptive to last-minute changes such as menu substitutions, unexpected guests or drop-outs, and countless of other snags that can come out of the woodwork before a big event.  

From the first brief, which is often months before the event date, the event planner and the caterer walks hand in hand to ensure a memorable event. 

how to choose a caterer for your event