Let's get digging into the business of eating together!

Contrary to your employees dashing for take away foods in all directions, eating together increases employee engagement, saves time and energy! 

Top companies realize the importance of an employee-centric company culture and place a strong emphasis on supporting their employees, meeting employees’ needs, and fostering community.

There may be no better way to do that than by providing food for your employees, as eating together is a big part of the human experience.

On a more practical level, eating together does not only save time but it also gets people talking. 

Not only does this help people get to know each other and build stronger bonds, but it also gives you a bit of the “serendipity” effect of an open office (without the associated drop in productivity). 

And did you know? People are freer and more creative with their ideas during meals!

At TABLES we offer a wide variety of corporate office catering from individual packed grazing boxes, grazing tables & talk-of-the-town food stations