One thing’s for sure, when it comes to team building activities and corporate events, those that South Africa serves up are as diverse and unique as the country itself.

We’ve picked some of our favorites, with each of these pretty much guaranteed to strengthen bonds and foster collaboration within your team. 

Whether you're a local business looking to reinforce team spirit or a group hitting up for some proper off-site team bonding, this guide is your gateway to the best group activities on offer. 

  1. Group Braai-Off - Braai-ing together naturally fosters cooperation and creativity. After all, isn’t this exactly the kind of thing that’s been bringing us together since the beginning of time? Your team will assign tasks, solve problems, and communicate, all while having fun and enjoying the tasty results of their labors. Apart from on-site spit braai & souvla braai facilities, The View Hotel also offers a wood fired pizza oven! So, creativity can spark and the menu even more so!  
  2. Paint and Sip - We’re all about drinking responsibly, especially when buffing our creative halos, but there’s a reason this is a winning combo.  After all, who wouldn’t have fun hurling paint at a canvas while, basking in the sun and erm, sipping their favorite beverage? 
  3. Pub Trivia - This isn't your ordinary trivia night; it's a full-blown competition. Get your team in for a treat with rounds of mind boggling questions spanning diverse topics like music, movies, history, ice cream flavors, pop culture, sports, global cuisine, and even dog breeds. To conquer this challenge, you'll need sharp ears, keen eyes, and, as the rumors go, perhaps dance barefoot.
  4. Terrarium Workshop - Who doesn’t want their own private garden they can carry around with them? A terrarium is a little pocket of nature that can sit on your desk and thrive with relatively minimal upkeep, boosting your mood and relaxation throughout the year to come! And when you leave? You head off with a beautifully crafted terrarium that's not only a stunning piece of natural art but also a living, self-contained ecosystem.
  5. Out-of-Office Olympics - Trot along and enjoy a series of team-based, hands-on, and generally silly competitions that will have your group laughing tears as they compete for gold. High-energy and low-stakes is the name of the game!  Family Feud-style showdowns, racing to fill the biggest bucket of Jelly Tots with hands tied behind your back, creating balloon animals, playing harmonicas, and even eating sticky apples on a string. The list goes on and the winner takes it all!
  6. Wreath Making Workshops - If making biscuits isn't your thing, a wreath-making event offers a great alternative for your team to get into the swing for the holiday season. Just perfect for jazzing up your doors, mantles, or even your Zoom backdrop, why not? 
  7. Pizza Workshop - Everyone loves pizza. So why not treat your team to a seriously delicious homemade pizza workshop? With the guidance of an experienced chef, you'll dive into the basics of pizza-making, from crafting the dough to mastering that perfect bake. You can tailor your pizza to your own individual taste, using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to make a seriously impressive dish. And the best part? Bon appétit! 
  8. Wine Tasting - Wine Tasting 101. Sip and savor the evening a selection of six delicious wines including, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Pinot Noir, Merlot and a mystery red carefully picked out by our expert sommelier. In two hours or under you’ll become an expert in flavor profiling, wine regions, pinning down the characteristics of different grapes, and more. By the end, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an aficionado. If that’s not adulting in style, then we don’t know what is… 
  9. Vietnamese Summer Roll Workshop - Dive into Southeast Asia with this hands-on culinary class with TABLES Catering. From chopping the freshest Asian inspired fillings to getting the rice paper just right to roll, your instructor will guide you through how it’s done before helping you to master that one of a kind peanut or sweet chili dipping sauce that will please the crowds into the hot Christmas season to come! 
Spicing Up Year End Events