It’s simple: charcuterie and cheese are soulmates, meant to be.  

And you’re the lucky matchmaker who’s going to make it happen! 

We’ve all been there, standing in the grocery store aisle looking at dozens of different salamis and Soppressata, while desperately Googling “does Prosciutto go with Swiss?”  

All cheeses and cured meats are delicious. Nonetheless, it can be overwhelming, like dating. 

Here are a few of our favorite must-try combinations.

Salty, crumbly Parmesan and buttery Serrano meets in a sensual dance of flavors on your tongue. 

Serrano and Parmesan are typically aged, making them super flavorful, salty-sweet and seductive.  

Soppressata, a dry salami, made with both pork or beef. Whichever kind you choose, you can’t go wrong pairing it with Havarti, a creamy, semi-soft cheese. Havarti’s supple, buttery taste allows the herbs and spices in the Soppressata to melt through while drawing out the nutty, earthy notes of the cheese. 

Adding sweet, crunchy, and savory elements to your pairing will simply elevate your senses to the next level!

 The sweetness of figs compliments parmesan and blue cheese, while dried apricots are just delicious and nostalgic with gouda and cheddar. 

Adding in a bit of crunch is a great way to incorporate more interest and variety, much needed in any relationship! 

Nuts are a great place to start. Think pecan and cashew!

 On the savory side, the saltiness of olives just spice up any cheese. Kalamata with Feta is a Mediterranean match made in heaven! 

Fruit chutney and Onion marmalades hits that sweet and savory balance while gherkins, deliciously tart, adds in some much-needed acidity to cut the richness – great with Emmentaler

At TABLES Catering we prepare specialty Cheese  & Charcuterie boxes for kick-back and relax occasions! Perfect to for at home wine pairings or as a thoughtful gift for someone you love! (as much as cheese!) 

Charcuterie and cheese pairings are the perfect way to celebrate and salivate.  Now you just have to decide on two things; when and what will you try first?  


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