This is the art of catering.

Now more than ever, today’s event client is looking for one-of-a-kind design styles with details that truly impress their guests. 

The tricky part is that clients often don’t know what they want—just that it needs to be fresh and unique.

As professionals, it’s up to us to experiment with distinctive looks and find new ways to wow each and every client. This is especially important for food presentation, as basic styling techniques have grown tired and dated.

And now it is that time of year again! 

You’ve barely caught your breath from the Easter holidays and you’re neck-deep in planning 2022 year end events!

In order to deliverer a successful event today, all parts, including the planning and catering, must work together to create a successful event.

There was a time when event planners, function coordinators and caterers could work in isolation. Their domains didn’t crossover as much as they do today. The planner/designer could create an attractive room, and as long as tables existed for the buffet, or plates were available for the food, everything was fine. 

The move to experience-based design, however, necessitates a more collaborative approach. Everything from the way that foods are displayed, timed, served, and even identified impacts how well-integrated the event theme will be. 

Many moving parts make the event planner’s management role critical, and the talent and creativity of the caterer pivotal. 

When these two jive, the results are magical and the possibilities are endless, creating new levels of cohesiveness, and greatness!