If you are reading this, you probably got tasked with planning your companies Year-End function and you’re a bit stuck in the mud.  Fortunately, there is only a few steps to climb before you too, can let your hair loose! 

Let’s jump right into it.

  • Venue Options: You are going to have to tuck right in and research some venues in your area. Consider aspects like venue size, venue hire, the amounts of people that the venue can accommodate, parking, available catering, and of course venue availability. Year-end functions should be planned well in advance because most companies have their functions round about the same time, so availability will be an issue if you leave it to the last minute.  As a starting point, we have got the perfect venue for you to consider, we call it The Best Kept Secret in Jozi!
  • Theme: This is your chance to let those creative juices flow! Some companies choose to opt out from the theme idea but we feel it adds to the celebrations when everyone looks similar and it helps in decorating the venue. Cool themes that work well includes 'Circus',  ‘Superheros & Villans’, ‘Great Gatsby’, ‘Vikings’, ‘Iconic Duos’ and “Ancient Greece” or "Toga" themed parties.
  • Catering: Now onto the part that all the guests will care the most about: the food.  Find a good, creative caterer will be able to match your your  theme with the food. For example, Ancient Greece goes well with Dolmades, and for most part, all the items one would typically find on a Mediterranean inspired Grazing Table.  Your theme or type of function will play a big role too in whether it should be a canape & roaming bowl services, a sit-down meal, buffet or just platters. Some of your venue options will have their own catering facilities and some will require hiring an outside supplier. 
  • Transport & Accommodation: With year-end functions, there is a strong possibility that there will be alcohol involved which means that it would be wise to organise transport. It could be a shuttle bus that takes everyone to the venue and people can just Uber home from there which adds to the fun of everyone being together. Another pointer to consider is accommodation, especially if you have colleagues flying in from out of town.  Check with your venue if they offer accommodation, if not they will be able to recommend near by options.

Now that you’re full of knowledge on how to smash that year-end function, get to it and stun everyone by throwing an unforgettable bash.