There is nothing better than spending time and sharing delicious meals with family and friends in the privacy and warmth of your own home! 

But, what can make that dinner party even more special? The perfect wine pairing, of course! 

Entertaining guests is an exciting and memorable experience.  Hosting a dinner party involves many tasks, one of which is creating the perfect menu with a fine collection of pairing wines.

Here, we touch on some food and wine combinations that works really well together! 

With charcuterie board items like cured meats and artisan cheeses, we recommend light and dry variants such as a Hartenberg Riesling. This way, you'll be able to leave room for heavier, more flavor-intense dishes.- which are certain to follow.

French onion soup is a TABLES classic.  The creaminess of cheese and the sweetness of caramelized onions pairs best with a glass of Viognier, like Black Elephant Back Roads.  

For cream-based pasta dishes such as seafood lasagna, one would need a Chardonnay such as a Paul Wallace Reflection that best suits pasta dishes.  

Dark and decadent chocolate brownies and self-saucing puddings are total crowd pleasers!  Because of the sweet, creamy, gooeyness, it is best to serve them with a quality Port Wine. An excellent way to end a meal.

However, another excellent way to end any party on a high note, is with strawberries, meringue and of course, a De Vilmont

Hosting a food and wine pairing dinner