Fun fact: According to a study from Glassdoor, 81% of employees say they’re motivated to work harder when shown appreciation.

 That represents a significant percentage of your workforce and productivity! When it comes to employee recognition, the reward largely repays the cost—and this is most definitely the case when you incorporate these valuable employee recognition picnic pointers.

An annual employee recognition picnic is a chance for employees to step outside of the daily routine to enjoy their work relationships in a more relaxed, 'just-be-you' atmosphere. 

To keep your picnic planning simple, yet impactful, we boiled down five pointers to consider.

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Employee Support Network - Your employee recognition picnic is the perfect opportunity for your team to get to know each other’s loved ones. Inviting families to your company picnic helps cultivate loyalty. It also gives families the opportunity to express pride in your team members. The sense of connection and genuine care that the presence of a family member at a picnic creates is a valuable source of support and motivation for your employees. 

Dual Cause Raffles - From paid time off, a voucher or a new coffee machine, anything that is highly fancied by employees makes a great company raffle item.  Raffles are one of the employee recognition picnic pointers that can provide a dual value. When the proceeds of tickets sold are donated to a cause within the community, then the raffle serves as both a fantastic philanthropic opportunity and exciting entertainment. a Win-win! 

Healthy Competition - Create some fun and engaging activities throughout. Think outside of the box and draw back to olden games such as lawn croquet! 

Cultural Mindfulness - Like South Africa itself, the very essence of what makes your organization great is the diversity and plurality of viewpoints that your team members hold. So it’s important that in the process of planning your recognition picnic, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds are considered. This goes for everything from choosing the venue, planning the menu right through to dress code and entertainment.

Genuine Fellowship - The ultimate goal of your employee recognition picnic should undoubtedly be strengthening the bonds that each employee shares in work and in life. 

In planning your employee recognition event, keep your focus on that sense of togetherness. Celebrate teamwork and unity. With that, your whole organization becomes greater than the sum of its parts.  

So it’s vital that you show them the love and recognition that they’ve earned. For most businesses, there is no more significant event for doing so than the annual employee recognition picnic.  

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