The ring is on your finger and the date has been chosen. 

It’s time to choose where to host your dream day! 

Where to start?

Let your dreams lead the way!

If you have been dreaming about a laid-back, no pressure day with just a few close friends and family, you probably wont choose a 200 roomed casino hotel as your venue.

On the flip side of the coin, your perfect venue must be able to be transformed from your dream into your reality.  

We call this the "looks & feels"

Now let's use the "looks & feels" as a starting point to finding your dream wedding venue!


Traditional wedding venues evokes a sense of nostalgia, history and legacy, and allows for the specialness of the day to shine through without the need for adding much additional distractions. 

A beautiful old church, or an historic house, a museum or even a golf course can provide a classic and timeless look & feel. 

Photo courtesy of Melanie Wessels Photography at The View Hotel, Auckland Park


Clean and functional, perhaps minimalistic too, are words that describe a modern wedding. Venues with open spaces and without cluttered back drops.  

Oftentimes the venue itself is the visual focus for a modern-style wedding, so other décor elements can be kept clean and simple.

Galleries, garden venues, warehouses, lofts and even basements can provide a blank canvas kind of space for your wedding dreams to come to life.


Venues that allow for soft, twinkling lights and cascading flowers  that will whisk your guests into the fairytale wedding of your dreams. Consider elegant hotel ball rooms, an historic mansion, museums and country clubs


Outdoors, bohemian and al fresco. a Little bit country, a little bit chic!

Consider swapping out floral centerpieces with beautiful bunches of radishes, pomegranates & green figs! 

Think botanical gardens, greenhouses and venues with beautiful gardens.  .                        Nature has it all, so additional décor can be kept to an absolute minimum. 

Rustic & Vintage

Wood, hay and stone comes to mind! So does lace, tin and earthy smells. 

Here, very seductively, old meets new!

Barns, wineries, artisanal small holdings (think cheese) a farm style patio, perhaps an old library? Any place down-to-earth, very real and brimming with charm. 

Think bare tables with mismatched amber-hued glassware, and bolts of vivid blues. 

Rustic really allows for personality to shine through, no straight lines here! 

Check out this comprehensive list of venues from Bruidsgids & Wedding Guide keeping your wedding dreams in mind!